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Wednesday, July 6, 2005 posted by Yaron Guez

UPDATED (7/11/05): The private beta is closed.  No more applications will be accepted.


Attention Project Aardvark readers, I’m currently planning a private beta launch of Fog Creek Copilot and over the next few days will be accepting a limited number of beta testers.  If you’re interested in using Fog Creek Copilot to help friends, relatives, or even customers, for free, before anybody else then e-mail yaron[dot]guez[at]fogcreek[dot]com with “Private Beta” in the subject line and the following body:




Job Title (or “Student”)

Industry (or University)

Who you think you’ll use Fog Creek Copilot with (friends, relatives, coworkers, customers, etc)

Anything else you’d like to add (optional)


I’ll choose a good cross section and will set up a discussion group, and a feedback e-mail address into FogBUGZ.